For a particularly authentic travel memento, check out these artisanal brands crafted by Texans in Texas.

Stetson Hats

Is there a more Texan souvenir than a cowboy hat? John B. Stetson’s company was built on headwear for the new frontier in 1865. Made in Garland, each Stetson still represents that pioneering spirit. Find them in stores all across this great state.

Manready Mercantile Candles

Manready Mercantile owner Travis S. Weaver has curated a world of quality goods with manly styling. And man, it smells good in there, thanks to a signature range of candles that are locally made. Want to DIY? Reserve a one-hour candlemaking experience at the Candle Bar. Shop Manready Mercantile stores in Austin and Houston.

Kate Weiser Chocolates

As a pastry chef, Kate Weiser worked in a string of prestigious kitchens, including Dallas’ Stephan Pyles and Nobu. After deciding to focus solely on chocolate, which she calls “the most challenging and rewarding medium in the culinary arts,” she spent years developing her signature style: bonbons with riotous, handpainted color. Find them at Kate Weiser stores in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Peacock Alley Bedding

It all started with a pillow. For 49 years, Peacock Alley has been sewing European textiles into luxury bedding in Dallas. Their ability to customize quickly and locally has made them a favorite resource of interior designers. Three stores in Dallas and one in Austin.

Fort Lonesome Patches

The East Austin studio of Fort Lonesome is keeping the art of hand-cranked, chainstitch embroidery current with today’s styles. With a commitment to heirloom quality and unexpected imagery, they crank out Western suits and charming patches, which you’ll want to wear in multiples.

Garza Marfa Furniture

If you make it to Marfa, you’ll likely come across Garza Marfa, a bright and airy store selling desert-inspired ceramics, textiles and furniture. The modern furniture, best characterized by saddle leather on a steel base, is designed by the husband-and-wife team of Jamey Garza and Constance Holt-Garza, and made in Marfa and El Paso.

Miron Crosby Boots

Sure, Texas has an abundance of cowboy boot makers. Luccheses and Justins both come from El Paso. Sisters Lizzie Means Duplantis and Sarah Means have carved out their own niche, bringing a bold, luxury-fashion point of view to the iconic footwear with their brand, Miron Crosby. Each pair is made in Mercedes by Rios of Mercedes, a 160-year-old manufacturer owned by the sisters’ cousins. Shop Miron Crosby stores in Dallas and Aspen, CO.