"Castiglione: Lost Genius. Masterworks on Paper from the Royal Collection"

This exhibition of drawings and prints by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione aims to reinstate the 17th-century master as one of the greatest graphic artists of the Baroque period. Much of what is known about Castiglione, born in the cosmopolitan port of Genoa, comes not from his artworks but from court papers documenting his acts of violence, possibly even murder. He was, however, arguably the most innovative and technically brilliant Italian draftsman of his time.

Ninety works on paper from the Royal Collection, which holds the finest surviving group of Castiglione's work, are on view. Highlights include Castiglione's pastoral scenes, with which he built his early reputation, and his later and grander themes of mythology and religion. He produced large dynamic drawings in oil and invented the monotype technique, a hybrid of printing and drawing. Despite his artistic brilliance and innovations, Castiglione struggled to achieve recognition in his lifetime. Today, the grace and beauty of Castiglione's work belies the darkness of his character.

November 22-February 14

3333 Camp Bowie Drive.


"Castiglione: Lost Genius. Masterworks on Paper from the Royal Collection"

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3333 Camp Bowie Drive,
Fort Worth, TX
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Dates: 11/22/2015 - 2/14/2015