Native Texas Bees

Did you know that Texas has many species of bees? They range in size from very large to very small. Most are solitary and gentle, and do not form colonies like the introduced European Honeybee that most of us are familiar with. In this presentation, visitors learn about different kinds of bees, their nesting requirements, and how to take steps to host and preserve these helpful little pollinators in your own landscape.

Master Naturalists Carol Clark and Jessica Womack discuss bees' habits and lifestyles, and talk about manmade nesting areas for native bees. After the presentation, take a walk outside to look for and identify some of these native bees. Registration required.

June 21

1 Nature Place.


Native Texas Bees

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1 Nature Place,
Mckinney, TX
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Dates: 6/21/2014 - 6/21/2014