"one day, late in the afternoon..."

This exhibition features an installation by contemporary ceramic artist Kelly O’Briant. Reminiscent of the traditional still-life from art history, the installation captures a moment of intimacy between utilitarian objects and their users. Things--such as a favorite mug, heirloom silverware or a holiday tablecloth--are as integral to people’s lives as the conversations that take place around them. O’Briant recreates these everyday objects to elevate them to a position of aesthetic and emotional value.

O’Briant arranges her porcelain objects in groupings that are intentionally ambiguous in their relationships to each other and their surroundings. For instance, in one grouping, she arranges a bucket of eggshells, a spigot, and a garden hose on a wooden deck-like surface. In another, she fills kitchen-like cabinets with various objects resembling bric-a-brac accumulated over time. These objects are meant to stand in for the intangible relationships that transpire around things and the information transfer that occurs when people gather around the kitchen table for a cup of coffee or wash dishes at the sink after a communal dinner.

February 6-May 10

4848 Main St.


"one day, late in the afternoon..."

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4848 Main St.,
Houston, TX
Dates: 2/6/2015 - 5/10/2015