Wild Hog Explosion

Spectators enjoy watching the Wild Hog Catch and Hog Calling Contest, pigging out on barbecue, a bike rally for motorcyclists to ride their own kind of hogs, and rooting around for vendor booths, arts and crafts, cook-offs and music.

The highlight of the event is the hog-catching competition, which starts with 150 wild hogs and teams of two people roughly matched in size. Each team is challenged to catch a smart, fast and loud wild hog, put it in a feed sack and get it to the finish line in just one minute. Usually the hog wins--but not without a lot of action and laughs first!

March 14

2886 Texas 16 N.


Wild Hog Explosion

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2886 Texas 16 N.,
Bandera, TX
Phone: 830-796-4447
Dates: 3/14/2015 - 3/14/2015