East of Houston Intercontinental Airport, this town was named after founder, postmaster and Justice of the Peace P.S. Humble in 1886. In 1904, oil was discovered; by 1905, the town was a "boom town." In 1909, local feed store owner Ross Sterling along with a few others founded Humble Oil & Refining Co. (now Exxon). Drilling for oil in 1912, artesian water was discovered. Today, it is the site of historic Lambrecht Town and Artesian Well.

In 1938, Dr. Haden E. McKay Sr. and his son, Dr. Haden McKay Jr., opened the McKay Medical Clinic. The clinic is now a museum and contains the original furniture and equipment just as it was the last day Dr. McKay Jr. practiced there. The museum is open by appointment. Call 281/446-2130 for more information.


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