This city on the western edge of Wichita County is named after cattle baron W.T. Waggoner's daughter. The Waggoners were pioneers in the area. Briefly known as Waggoner, the name changed to Beaver (for nearby Beaver Creek) when the railroad station and post office were established. In 1902, it was renamed in honor of Electra Waggoner. In 1911, the gusher of Clayco No. 1, just north of town opened oil fields in the area, which today still support 5,000 pumping units within a 10-mile radius of town. Electra was named the "Pump Jack Capital of Texas" by the Texas Legislature.

Festivals include the Electra Goat Barbecue on Mother's Day weekend and the Holiday of Lights Christmas Parade and Angel Lighting.

For details on the RV park at the Fairgrounds, call 940/495-2131.


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