The community's name is derived from nearby old Fort Gates, a frontier outpost active from 1849-52. Gatesville became the county seat when Coryell County was organized in 1854. Today, Gatesville sits on the north side of Fort Hood--one of the largest military posts in the nation--and is home to the largest known spur collection in the world. Gatesville was named the "Spur Capital of Texas" by the Texas Legislature in 2001. The area also is part of the Texas Brazos Trail region.

West of town, the community of Pearl hosts the monthly Pearl Bluegrass Jam and Stage Show Oct.-Aug. on the first Sat. of each month and Sept. on the second Sat.

See first-run movies in an old-fashioned setting at The Last Drive-In Picture Show, one of the few such theaters still operating in Texas.

Camping facilities are available within walking distance of the downtown area.


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