Appropriately named for the surrounding terrain, the town site was surveyed by cereal king C.W. Post in 1912. The suggested name of Hockley City was denied by the post office because a town in Harris County had the same name. Levelland is among the top 10 oil-producing counties and one of the largest cotton producing counties in the state. The city is the home of South Plains College, which is noted for its music/arts department teaching country and bluegrass music.

The city has become known as the "City of Mosaics" with several large outdoor mosaics that may be found on buildings around town, as well as the freestanding mosaic in Carver Park.

It is situated on the migratory path for several species of birds and the Monarch butterfly. Several city parks provide recreational activities, including fishing, swimming and picnicking. An RV park on south U.S. 385 offers free stays, with a three-day maximum.


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