Established in 1881 as stop on the Texas and Pacific Railroad, Pecos gained early fame as a hangout for rowdy cowboys and fast-draw lawmen. Today, Pecos is a hub of travel and a commercial center for ranching, irrigated farming, produce processing, and oil production. Area hunting includes mule deer, javelina and upland game birds. Touted as the "Home of World's First Rodeo," Pecos was the scene of a cowboy contest in 1883 that was the forerunner of today's popular sport. The annual West of the Pecos Rodeo is held the last weekend of June.

Pecos also is known for cantaloupes. Grown in irrigated fields. Quality derives from natural combination of alkaline soil, sunlight and altitude. Pecos cantaloupes enjoy comparable status with Maine lobsters and French wines. Harvested late July through September with a festival held in late summer. For festival schedule, call 432/445-2406.


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