This Garza County seat was named for C.W. Post, the cereal manufacturer who founded the town in 1907 to demonstrate his economic ideas. The town was designed to be a center for farmers who owned their own land in a region of giant ranches. All supplies were brought in by mule train from the nearest railhead at Big Spring - about 70 miles away. From 1910 - 13, the city was the scene of some of the most elaborate series of experiments in rainmaking ever undertaken in the U.S. Explosives were detonated in the atmosphere at timed intervals. Unfortunately, rainfall records do not indicate success.

Post is on the edge of the Caprock escarpment of the Llano Estacado, the southeastern edge of the Great Plains. It is designated as a Texas Main Street City and continues as a Sustaining City. Historic Main Street is lined with shops in restored buildings. The 1920 Garza Theater was one of the first movie theaters in West Texas to feature silent films.


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