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  • Dates: June 8, 2021
  • Location: Children's Museum Houston
  • Time: June 8
Children's Museum Houston is reopening with this “tropi-cool” paradise destination for families to chill out and switch to vacay mode. Embark on a daily escapade filled with thrills, interactive activities, live demonstrations, and performances. The galleries are filled to the brim with explorations, including the all-new Sights Unseen exhibit, which immerses you in color, darkness, and light and looks into the mysterious and unseen world around you. The all-new RoboSurgery interactive in Invention Convention relies on your curiosity and tinkering to identify what’s wrong with the robot. And the brand-new Ball Run in Invention Convention invites you to explore gravity, momentum, and friction while building a fast ball course. Plus, unleash your imagination and make a big splash at the outdoor exhibit, FlowWorks, while connecting with nature in EcoStation.