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  • Dates: September 29, 2020
  • Location: San Antonio Lighthouse
  • Time: Sept. 29
The San Antonio Lighthouse presents its 10th anniversary of Art in the Dark, hosting more than 50 amazing art pieces with a virtual spin. Art in the Dark is an unforgettable, unique event that celebrates "The Touch...The Sense...The Feel..." of art, and this year the organization is taking your senses and making them virtual. Art pieces displayed at the online event are pixilated but include a detailed description from the artists, thus allowing you to experience purchasing art like one who is visually impaired. You have the opportunity to learn from local artists, potters, sculptors, and jewelry designers who have donated their work to this event. Funds raised from Art in the Dark go toward supporting Blind Children's Program, which continuously uses innovative ways to provide the services that children greatly need, even in the time of a pandemic.