Texas Art and Culture

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Below our rugged exterior, you’ll discover Texas has an air of sophistication. For every cowboy you find, there’s an art aficionado to match. Sometimes, they’re even one and the same. Not only are we big into art, but we have an astute taste for opera, theater and classical music. 

Fine Art

We’re home to the largest urban arts district in the country. We also have one of the most comprehensive collections of Latin American art and one of the largest modern art collections in the U.S. After all, art is the ultimate expression of independence. If anyone can appreciate that, it’s us.


We do things big. So of course, few people are as dramatic as Texans. Visitors will find tremendous theater opportunities in our big cities, but there are also countless colorful – and thoroughly unique – entertainment opportunities in the most unexpected places. Such as an amazing replica of the Globe Theatre (where Shakespeare’s works first appeared) in a small Texas oil town.


Not all music in Texas has a twang. There’s plenty of Tchaikovsky too. In fact, there are two dozen symphonies here where you can immerse yourself in history’s greatest compositions, performed by world-renowned classical musicians.