Family Vacations in Texas

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Boredom is so un-Texan. From zoos to museums to amusement parks, we go to extremes ensuring every member of your family has plenty to keep them entertained and happy. In the case of some of the roller coasters here, they might also feel a little queasy. But entertained and happy, nonetheless.

Amusement Parks

Does your family find amusement parks...what’s the word...amusing? Well, Texas has (roughly) a bajillion of them. And they come in all flavors: water parks, thrill rides, safari experiences, dinosaur sites, kid-specific museums and parks, and don’t forget the E-normous State Fair of Texas. Just about wherever you turn, there’s a perfect amusement for you and your amusement-hungry little ones.

Water Parks

If you’ve got kids, you’ll want to jump into a water park with both feet. Texas is overflowing with fun and flumes. You’ll find natural spring-fed pools, water parks along great tubing rivers, and many other wet and wild sites across the state.

Zoos & Aquariums

Everyone knows Texas is known for big things, and our many zoos and aquariums are no exception. You can find some real jumbos (AKA elephants) in our top-ranked zoological parks. And let’s just say Shamu is no guppy. The kids will go bananas for the up-close nature experiences and hey, they’ll probably even learn a few things.