Texas Landmarks

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History is one of our state’s greatest natural resources. Ours is a storied journey from a territory of foreign nations, to an independent republic, to becoming the 28th U.S. state in 1845. Today, Texas offers more than 13,000 State Historical Markers commemorating everything from the Alamo to grand old mansions, to sacred burial grounds, to landmarks of the Wild West and frontier forts. Explore virtually any part of Texas and you’ll be following in the footsteps of legends.

Alamo & Historic Missions

In the 1500s, Spanish explorers began setting up shop in what is now Texas. A number of Spanish missions were built – and still remain – here. You've probably heard of our most famous mission...the Alamo. In 1836, a band of brave souls gave their lives and propelled Texas towards independence. Yet as memorable as the Alamo is, it's just one of our many (historically and architecturally) fascinating missions found here. The Mission San Antonio de Valero, Mission San José, Mission Concepción, Mission San Juan and Mission Espada represent the largest concentration of Spanish colonial missions in North America and have been named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). For a trip back in time, they're well worth a visit today.


Texans are fiercely proud of the long and winding road we’ve taken. Scattered far and wide across this state, museums highlight the proud Native American tribes who thrived here. The centuries as part of New Spain. Then Mexico. The Revolution.The Republic of Texas. The Wild West. Cattle. The Old South. Cotton. And oil. Believe it or not, some museums even go back to far earlier times, when dinosaurs like the T-Rex and his buddies were considered Native Texans.