Immerse yourself in some of the ghostly and ghastly history of Texas at these historic sites.

Texas is so much fun, even ghosts want to stick around! This means the state has quite the variety of locales for spooky sightseeing. From celebrated hotels and bars with stories of haunted pasts to mysterious ghost towns worthy of a fear-chasing excursion, Texas is home to some hauntingly (and hair-raisingly) good times.

Haunted Hotels

While you’ll no doubt get a good night’s sleep at these iconic hotels, Austin’s Driskill Hotel, Grand Galvez in Galveston (formerly Hotel Galvez), and the Menger Hotel in San Antonio are all famous for more than their fabulous accommodations. Grand Galvez is notorious for the ghostly spirit of “the Lovelorn Lady,” a bride whose fate was cut short after the death of her fiancé. At the Driskill, the grand staircase is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl, and room 525 reportedly houses the spirits of two brides who died on their honeymoons 20 years apart. A much more identifiable character appears at the bar at the Menger Hotel. Legend says that the ghost of late-president Teddy Roosevelt has been spotted sipping a drink in that classic, dark-wood barroom.

Spooky History 

Corpus Christi’s USS Lexington has more than its fair share of haunting tales. A World War II battleship, it is known to locals as the Blue Ghost, thanks to spirits that allegedly still occupy the vessel today. A former engine room operator who perished during battle still roams the boat, and you might even see the lights flickering on and off come nightfall. Dive into the haunted fun and enjoy a scavenger hunt throughout the 10,000-square-foot deck.

The Alamo in San Antonio

History comes alive inside Texas’ most notable historic site: the Alamo. And while this famed spot is a must for learning about the state’s colonial past, it is also considered to be the most haunted spot in San Antonio. On your visit, pay close attention and you might hear the battle cries of the Texas soldiers who defended the mission from Mexican soldiers. Opt for a special after-hours tour for an especially spellbinding experience.

Hair-Raising Fun

Couple a fun night out with a dose of ghostly tales over a signature cocktail at Houston’s oldest bar, La Carafe. The building is full of spooky, inscrutable wonders, from mysterious bottles unexplainably moving or the pitter patter of unidentifiable feet upstairs. In El Paso, the Plaza Theatre Performing Arts Center is a striking example of Spanish Colonial Revival architecture with painted ceilings, mosaic floors and haunting historic style. It is also said that mystifying wonders have surprised guests over the years, like a floating woman in white and a resident spirit spotted smoking in the balcony.

Ghost Town Texas

In southwest Texas near the Rio Grande, the ghost town of Terlingua welcomes visitors to the ruins and abandoned buildings of the former Chisos Mining Company, capturing bygone days since its closing after World War II. Now the town invites guests to roam, step back in time and explore its empty streets.