Texas Music

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This is a place that breeds talent, and it’s the home of legends like Stevie, Janis and Buddy. Every night, you’ll find the same passion alive and kicking in every dancehall, nightclub, festival and lounge across the state. There’s something for every music lover here, from techno to Tejano and every style in between. Texas has long been a place for pioneers and trailblazers. Today, you’ll simply find them on stage.

Famous Venues

Texas can boast that it’s home to many of the world’s largest, most modern music arenas. And plenty of the universe’s coolest holes-in-the-wall, too. Entire streets and neighborhoods hum with the electric buzz of amplifiers, hundreds of boots thumping on hardwood in unison and soulful voices ringing through the rafters. Some are gorgeous, refined and acoustically perfect, while others have tiny plywood stages and a mechanical bull on the dance floor. Big or small, there are more venues here, attracting longtime and future greats, which music lovers simply cannot miss.

Music Museums

We’re quite proud of the talent that’s emerged from Texas, and museums celebrating our collective musical heritage abound. While everybody knows you’ll find tributes to legends like Willie Nelson, Janis Joplin and Stevie Ray Vaughn, there are also fascinating museums honoring performers like Lefty Frizzell, Bob Wills, Tex Ritter and contemporary Latina singer Selena. Of course, you may even want to drop in on the museum dedicated to the late, great eight-track tape just for fun!

Launching Pad

Once upon a time in Texas, a college sophomore hopped up on stage and began singing with her favorite band, the New Bohemians. Soon they were known as Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians and were a huge hit nationally. And that’s the free-wheeling spirit of the Texas musical scene. So give it a shot at thousands of open mic nights, show off your pipes at a karaoke bar or just see what kind of spontaneous combinations spark at an open-minded music fest like South by Southwest in Austin. Hey, you never know.