Texas Sports

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If you really want to talk sports in Texas, we’d need a much bigger website. So, in short, if it uses a ball, stick, mat, club, helmet, racquet, pool, referee or pit crew, you can bet we have that sport (and in some cases, a championship title to match) and tickets to watch it live.

Pro Sports

Professional sports are big time here. Texas hosts two NFL football teams, playing in two must-see-to-believe stadiums, including Cowboy Stadium with the world’s largest High-Definition Video Display. We also have three NBA teams in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, a pair of MLB franchises and even an NHL team. Yeah, ice hockey in Texas! Cool, huh? And don’t forget the other football... soccer. Besides the majors, we have dozens of thrilling, easily accessible minor league teams in every sport imaginable, scattered through friendly, mid-size cities that can be just as fun as the big boys.

Speed It Up

If you have a need for speed, the amazing new Circuit of The Americas in Austin is home to prestigious racing events, including the only Formula 1 race in the US. It was also chosen to host the X-Games starting in 2014. We even have America’s most popular motorsport, NASCAR. Just head out to Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth to catch your favorite drivers.

Try It Yourself

Even if you’re not a sports prodigy, there are nearly infinite chances to have fun sporting around on your trip to Texas. Of course, golf is a hit here. As well as cycling, fishing, hunting, batting cages, skateboard parks, ultimate Frisbee, wind boarding, kayaking and, well...virtually every sport that’s been invented to date.